Don’t Miss Out On Current Promotions

Summer is finally here! Stay on track, reach your goals and make sure you take full advantage of our current promotions.

Remember that with the Customer Care Bonus promotion, every month, Synergy will add all the CV placed directly on your personal Tracking Centers. This includes your personal orders, preferred customer orders, and may also include orders placed on your Tracking Centers by your upline. At the end of each quarter, your bonus will be based on the Bonus tier you were able to maintain. Click here for more information.

In addition, with the Monthly Mentor Bonus Promotion, when you sponsor two new Team Members with activation orders, who go on to place qualifying orders in each of the following two months, Synergy will reward you with £45/€50 extra cash! Click here for more information.

Don’t delay or miss out on this opportunity, where you can get some extra cash, by participating & qualifying.



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