Customer Care Bonus

We love our customers! Every Synergy Team Member knows this. In 2020, Synergy is giving an extra reward to the Team Members working to serve happy customers across Europe.

Every month, Synergy will add all of the CV placed directly on your personal Tracking Centers. This includes your personal orders, preferred customer orders, and may also include orders placed on your Tracking Centers by your upline. Let’s refer to this as your “Customer Volume.”  At the end of each quarter, your bonus will be based on the Bonus tier you were able to maintain.

Bonus Tier
Customer volume per month
Bonus amount
Tier 1
600 – 1199 CV
Tier 2
1200 – 1799 CV
Tier 3
1800 – 2999 CV
Tier 4
3000+ CV

Ready to earn a 500€ bonus at the end of the first quarter? Accumulate at least 3000CV in Customer Volume in January, February and March. Here are a few other examples:

If in January you accumulate 800 CV Customer Volume (Tier 1), but in February you reach 1200 (Tier 2) and 1900 in March (Tier 3), you will earn a 100€ bonus (Tier 1) in the first quarter. However, you are poised to begin earning your bigger bonus as the second quarter begins in April.

This Customer Care bonus can be earned up to 4 times during the year.

2x Customer Care Prize:
When you earn the Customer Care Bonus in two quarters, back to back, you will receive a Synergy Business Kit, valued at more than 50€, composed of Synergy branded merchandise and sales tools. This is in addition to the Quarterly Customer Care bonus that you earn for each Quarter.

3x Customer Care Prize:
If, during the year you earn the Quarterly Customer Care Bonus three quarters in a row, you will receive an upgraded Synergy Business Kit, (valued at more than 100€). This prize comes in addition to the Quarterly Customer Care bonus money earn in each Quarter.

Annual Customer Care Award:
Anyone who earns the Customer Care Bonus in all four quarters of the year will be eligible to earn an invitation to an exclusive VIP event at the 2021 Synergy Europe Summit. Those who qualify at the Tier 3 or 4 throughout the year will qualify for a guest invitation as well.

• Please remember that, as always, only a Synergy Europe Team Member who is maintaining at least 200 CV in personal TC1 volume and actively participating in Autoship is qualified to participate in the Customer Care Bonus promotional program.
• The Customer Care Bonus program is a limited-time promotion designed to encourage positive relationships between customers and Synergy Team Member distributors within European markets.
• Those who qualify for the VIP experience at the 2021 Europe Summit at the Tier 3 or Tier 4 level will be eligible to bring a guest. The guest must be a spouse/partner, or business partner attached to your Synergy business. It cannot be any other Synergy Team Member.
• All aspects of this bonus/promotional program are non-transferrable, and cannot be redeemed for cash value. The recipient must be in good standing with Synergy WorldWide at time of bonus received.



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