Monthly Mentor Bonus

Two people. A 3-month journey.
They can find success, but…
They need a guide. A leader. A mentor.
Do you have what it takes? If so, we have a bonus for you! 


When you sponsor two new Team Members with activation orders, who go on to place qualifying orders in each of the following two months, Synergy will reward you with €50 extra cash!

We hope this promotion will encourage our Team Members to take great care of the people they sponsor. After all, joining Synergy is exciting, but any adventure without a guide can be scary. Don’t let your newly sponsored Team Members feel lonely or lost. Take advantage of this bonus and be the best mentor you can be.

Month 1: Personally Sponsor two new Team Members with activation orders.
Month 2: Help those two newly-sponsored Team Members kick off their business, and each place a qualifying order.
Month 3: Continue mentoring these two new Team Members, and help them each place another qualifying order.
Boom! Your new Team Members are off to a great start, and you have earned a Monthly Mentor Bonus!*

Can you earn this bonus for mentoring multiple pairs of people? YES. You can earn this bonus up to five times per month. Show your skills, Monthly Mentor!

Every quarter, if you have earned THREE Monthly Mentor bonuses or more, you will be eligible to receive a Synergy-branded Mentor Kit— Synergy Swag & Business Tools valued at more than 100€!

Soon we will be announcing the dates & location for the 2020 Synergy Europe Summit. Earn six Monthly Mentor Bonuses by August, and you will be eligible to earn an invitation to an exclusive VIP event at the 2020 Synergy Europe Summit with a guest, including special recognition and fine-dining with your fellow VIPs.

So don’t delay, there are people out there who need a good guide, a loving leader, and a monthly mentor. That monthly mentor will be you!


• In January, Lisa personally sponsors two new team members, Tony and Tawny. Tony and Tawny each place their activation orders, and Lisa enjoys her 200 CV qualifying order as well.

• In February, Lisa continues to support Tony and Tawny, answering questions and sharing helpful Synergy tips. Lisa, Tony, and Tawny each successfully place a new qualifying order, allowing them to earn Synergy bonuses and commissions.
          - Additionally, Lisa personally sponsors four more team members: Gary, Gladice, Suzy, and Steve. Each of these four people place an activation order.

• In March:
          - Tony and Tawny each place their third qualifications orders.
          - Lisa earns her first €50 “Monthly Mentor Bonus”!* in addition to the other Synergy commissions and bonuses she has potentially been earning.
          - Gary, Gladice, Suzy, and Steve each place their own qualifying orders.

• In April:
          - Gary, Gladice, Suzy and Steve each place another qualification order.
          - Lisa earns two more €50 “Monthly Mentor Bonuses”!*
          - Additionally, Lisa has earned a Synergy Mentor Kit!

There are many possibilities with this exciting new bonus. So don’t delay! There are people out there who need a good guide, a loving leader, and a monthly mentor. That monthly mentor can be you!

Questions? Contact us today, and see below for the additional details.

• *Remember that, as always, you will need to be an active participant in the Synergy autoship program, and maintaining at least 200 CV in personal TC1 Volume to qualify for Synergy promotions.
• The Monthly Mentor Bonus is a limited-time promotional program designed to encourage mentoring practices in Synergy business building within European markets.
• Synergy Mentor Kits will be awarded on a quarterly basis, three months after each 3-month calendar quarter is completed to allow for the completion of a sequence. We expect, therefore, to award Synergy Mentor kits in June, Sep, Dec, and in March of 2021.
• Again, those who qualify for the VIP experience at the 2020 Europe Summit will be eligible to bring a guest. The guest must be a spouse/partner, or business partner attached to your Synergy business.  It cannot be any other Synergy Team Member.
• All aspects of this bonus/promotional program are non-transferrable, and cannot be redeemed for cash value. The recipient must be in good standing with Synergy WorldWide at time of bonus received.



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