Synergy Team Member Works with Royal Family to Provide COVID Aid

During this uncertain time, many individuals are stepping up to provide incredible service to those in need. These extraordinary people deserve to be recognized for their selfless efforts to assist their community.

Jo-Ann Airikkala, a Synergy Team Member based in Surrey, England, has showcased exceptional care for her community during this time of crisis. Along with her friend Debi Peppin, Jo-Ann established the program Nourish Our Nurses, a fund-raising effort specifically designed to aid healthcare workers serving on the front lines during COVID-19.

Nourish Our Nurses (NON) began when Jo-Ann realized that many healthcare workers were unable to obtain groceries during waves of panic purchases. As such, she took matters into her own hands and constructed a grocery delivery service to help healthcare workers.

With the help of a small team comprised of 16 volunteers, plus funding from a GoFundMe page, NON moved forward. To date, NON has delivered more than 4,000 bags of assorted groceries to front-line essential workers over the past seven weeks.

The assorted produce is purchased fresh from a local market, helping to sustain small businesses, before being compiled by volunteers and delivered to various hospitals, ambulance centers, and healthcare staff.

Recently, Jo-Ann’s service through NON was recognized by the Royal Family, as the Countess of Wessex lent her own support to the cause. Not only did Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex help compile the grocery bags, she also help pack additional care packages including various vouchers donated by local businesses.

Through her thoughtfulness, Jo-Ann Airikkala has been able to help her community and bolster front-line healthcare staff. Jo-Ann and her volunteers are all a shining example of the support available through human connection They are showing the world what can be accomplished through teamwork and compassion.

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