Update: Upcoming Tool Launches And Changes

Esteemed Team Members,
As we announced last week, we have been robustly testing and validating the many new IT initiatives, and are pleased to update you with the following information today:

Earlier this week we implemented the updates to the various tools that are used to provide pricing, promotions, subscriptions, and all other internal ordering processes. With those changes, you may notice that your subscription order products are now an exact 10% discount from the Team Member or Customer price.

We are very excited to announce that the new team member App will be live for all European Team Members by the morning of Friday, December 10th. This app is a huge improvement to the way Team Members can manage their business, including a greatly improved method of enrolling new Team Members, and easier access to the back office tools that track your customers, orders, and business.

Finally, we are on schedule to begin the launch of the new Customer Website beginning on December 15th with the UK and immediately followed by the markets of Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Slovenia. Following those markets, we will continue rolling out the new customer website for the remaining European markets day by day.

I want to recognise the many countless hours that our Corporate team has been focused on developing, testing, and implementing these incredible tools, as well as the continued work they are doing on the additional enhancements and tools that will be launched in the coming weeks, months, and year.

There is so much happening to bring Synergy to the cutting edge of opportunity, health, and wellness.  Thank you for your patience as we implement these great new enhancements, and do all we can to partner with you in our collective efforts to Leave a Legacy.


Highest regards,

Lynn E. Ohman
Executive Director, Europe 



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