Upcoming tool launches and changes

During Summit 2021, we were pleased to announce exciting new tools and changes that would be part of our Synergy re-launch, starting December 1st and continuing throughout 2022. 

The first rollout and Implementation of these changes is linked to our core systems, functionality, and processes. It will allow Team Members to improve their business and will simplify processes and clearly outline benefits and differences between being a Team Member and customer.

This week we will begin the upgrade and replacement of our promotion and pricing systems to accommodate the new app and website. This includes replacing the way every order is processed, including subscription orders.

Following the replacement of those vital components, we will launch the new Team Member app, expected to be available the 2nd week of December. 

Next, we are excited to launch the new Customer website, starting with the markets of UK, Norway, Italy, Finland, Germany, Austria and Slovenia, and followed by the other markets, starting in mid-December.

With this phased approach, we will be able to implement the improved commission payout rates, and free shipping with subscription orders on January 1st. Due to this, we will delay the product price increase to January 1st.  We will publish the new price lists by December 15th, so you can properly prepare and communicate with your organisation and customers.

In summary, our timeline is as follows:

  • Core pricing and promotion engine replacement: 1st week of December
  • Team member app: 2nd week of December
  • Website launch: starting 3rd week of December and continuing in a phased roll out by market
  • New commission rates, subscribe-and-save free shipping and related price increase: Jan 1, 2022

These new tools and changes represent countless hours of effort and millions of dollars of expense over the past year. We are sorry for the delay, but we are excited to finally start delivering them to you, and help you to Be a Force as you Leave a Legacy of health, wealth and wisdom.

We will continue to send updates and details throughout the month as these exciting new tools are made available. And keep preparing for many additional tools that will be announced and launched in January and beyond.


Highest regards,

Lynn E. Ohman
Executive Director, Europe 



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