Digital Initiatives update – Customer Website launch almost here

Last week we proudly launched the Synergy Team Member APP for Europe. This tool not only makes it easier and faster to enrol new team members, but also provides better support in managing and growing your business. If you have not already downloaded the APP, click here to learn more. 
The next tool to be made available is our new Synergy Europe website, specifically focusing on customer enrolment and ordering. After a year of development, it is in the final steps of end to end testing and validation. We will roll out this new website in a phased approach, market by market, adding new functionality over the coming months in phases.

As mentioned, the first phase of the website is focused on the shopping journey for customers. You will find that the new website is more customer friendly, with a fresh and modern look. Based on our current deployment status, we expect to make it available shortly, starting with the UK, and continuing with Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Slovenia. Following those markets, we will continue rolling out the new customer website for the remaining European markets day by day.
Phase 1 key components we can’t wait for you to try and use:
1. Design
Who does not love a little makeover? We wanted to accompany the new tool with a fresh, modern look. As Synergy WorldWide continues to grow, we are thrilled for this new visual language to support and bring higher energy in all that we do.
2. Simplified and improved Customer experiences
A quick, easy and convenient shopping experience. The new website is focused on an improved user experience and user friendliness. We cannot wait to hear from you and your customers about this improved experience. 

3. Retail bonus automation 
You can now automatically earn the retail bonus through the use of the new website. As you enrol new customers, they will pay the customer price, which is 20% higher than the Team Member price for regular orders, or 10% higher than the Team Member price for subscription orders, pre VAT. The difference in price that they pay goes straight back to you as their sponsoring Team Member and paid as a retail bonus with that month’s commission earnings. 

Please note that you will continue to use the old website pages for Team Member enrolment until the new phase of the website is launched early in 2022.  However, we recommend that you use the new Team Member APP for an improved Team Member enrolment experience in the interim.

And remember, there is much more coming as we continue to roll out our complete digital transformation, including the new affiliate program, where your customers can get free products through sharing and recommending to others.

And as the year end is approaching, please remember to take advantage of the current pricing ahead of the small price increase that is scheduled for January 1st.

We wish you the best of health and success in this holiday season and beyond.


Lynn Ohman
Executive Director, Europe



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