New pricing starting January 2022

Pricing for Synergy Europe has been kept unchanged for many years, however with increasing costs and expenses related with manufacturing, ingredients, and transport – we are making a small adjustment. This adjustment will allow for several benefits to Team Members and customers: overall improvements to the commission pay-out currency rate and free shipping on Subscribe and Save orders. 

Starting 01.01.2020, we will implement the new simplified pricing as announced during the Summit. The wholesale (regular team member) pricing will be increased by 7%. Pricing will be divided into Team Member pricing and Customer pricing where the base is Team Member Regular price. 

For Team Members the new wholesale price will be +7%. The Team Member Subscribe and Save price will be 10% less than the Team Member Regular price. 

For customers, the regular price is 20% above Team Member regular price (wholesale). A customer Subscribe and Save gets a 10% discount on regular price. 

Note: Subscribe and Save refers to the monthly subscription ordering system previously known as Autoship. 

Take a look at the pricelist which will be active from Jan 2022.

Customer simplification 

Forget about complex description. We are making it simple for you, your team, and your customers. Team Members and customers will have access to regular prices, known separately as Wholesale (for Team Members) & Retail (for customers). 

Subscribe & Save 

Subscribe and Save (previously known as Autoship) is a monthly subscription designed to help automate and secure easy delivery of your favourite products. Not only does it simplify life, but your subscription also comes with benefits. Any Subscribe and Save order is 10% less than regular price. If you are a Team Member, this is calculated on the wholesale price. If you are a customer this is calculated on the retail price. Not enough? We are proud to announce that any Subscribe and Save orders will have possibility of free shipping.  

If you are a Team Member on Subscribe and Save, you will get free shipping on your monthly Subscribe and Save order above 200 CV. You will also get the same pricing on any additional orders placed when you have an active Subscription.  

As a customer you get free shipping on your Subscribe and Save order (regardless of size). Any additional orders will be given regular pricing.  

Commission payout currency rate increase 

Eager to earn more as an independent Team Member for Synergy WorldWide? Consider this commission payout increase a salary increase. Depending on your market and regular currency you are in for a treat regardless. Payout rates are increasing by 7.4% for Euros, 8.3% for Pounds and 23% for Norwegian Kroner.  

Local Currency Current Rate New Rate Difference Current Payout New payout
Euro 0.74 0.795 7.4% € 740 € 795
UK Pound 0.6 0.65 8.3% £ 600£ 650
Norwegian Krone 6.1 7.5 23% Kr 6100Kr 7500
Polish Zloty 3.33.55 7.6% Zloty 3500 Zloty 3766

Terms and examples 

Grandfathered - We are retiring the customer type “Preferred Customer”. Those that are currently Preferred Customers will remain so (Grandfathered to the same structure as Team Members) unless they cancel or drop to Retail Customer Type. The drop happens twice a year. For those who have not ordered within the set 6-month periods (January-June or July-December) they will be dropped to retail customer. This is the same process and drop period as for Team Members.

Retail Bonus – A bonus pay-out to Team Members calculated by taking the pre-VAT amount that their Retail Customer spent on a product (either Regular Price or Subscription Price) minus the pre-VAT Team Member Regular Price (wholesale) of that product. This is paid with their commission’s earnings in the following month.

Example: Jane is a customer and purchases a product online as a one-time order with regular price for 108 euro (pre-vat). Her Team Member sponsor (James) gets the retail bonus based on this purchase. This is the difference between what the customer paid and the Team Member regular price. In this case Jane paid 108 euros (pre-vat) and the regular Team Member price would be 90 euro (pre vat), hence the retail bonus would be 108-90 = 18 euros directly as a bonus to the Team Member.  



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