Heart Health Spotlight: Omega-3

As a natural triglyceride fish lipid, Omega-3 brings a variety of heart-healthy benefits to the table. Officially titled as an essential fatty acid, Omega-3 is not naturally produced by the body. So, unless you’re regularly eating healthy portions of certain fish, algae, and oils, you may be lacking a beneficial dose omega-3’s. 

The name “fatty acids” may be deceiving, but healthy fatty acids are the potential building blocks for your body’s daily functions. Scientifically, fatty acids are a carboxylic acid with a long aliphatic chain. They can help support different bodily functions by being digested, absorbed into the blood, and—in the case of Omega-3’s—form a molecule called a triglyceride. 

Omega-3’s are key components in the formation of your triglyceride molecules— which help support heart function, enhanced circulation, and cardiovascular strength. These molecules also provide powerful protection for cell membranes throughout your cardiovascular system. Synergy’s Omega-3 is rigorously tested to ensure you get all the benefits of fish oil without any fishy flavor.   

  • Supports cardiovascular function 
  • Supports brain health 
  • Supports positive mood

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