New Year Cash Back Promotion

Start 2021 on a happy, healthy note with the Synergy New Year Cash Back promotion! Earn 20% cash back, when you place a personal order of 400 CV or more in January and have a matching personal order placed in February 2021.

Here’s how it works:

• In January, place a personal order of 400 CV or more (all CV needs to be placed in TC1) to begin the New Year with a fresh supply of Elite Health nutritional supplements.
• In February, contact our Customer Service team to place a new order matching (or exceeding) your January order, which qualified you for the promotion.
• Our friendly Customer Service agents will apply 20% of your January order as cash back toward your February purchase.

It’s that easy. Get ready to stock up on your favorite Synergy wellness supplements and earn fresh savings this New Year!

• Tina has a goal to take better care of herself in 2021.
• In January, she spends 500€ to stock her family’s shelves with premium Synergy nutrition. This order is valued at 450 CV.
• In February, she calls Synergy Customer Service to place a new order of 450 CV.
• The friendly Synergy agent will deduct 100€ from her February order total. That’s 20% cash back!

Questions about the New Year Cash Back promo? Our fantastic Customer Service team is standing by, ready to help. Contact us today!

Shipping and handling fee, special packs such as; “buy 3 get 1 free” and larger quantity packs (8 or more) are not applicable for promo.

To redeem the cash back discount, your February order must match or exceed your January order, which qualified you for the promotion. 



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