Need- to-know for Summit 2022

Finally, the day is almost here, and we are just a couple of days away from Summit 2022! To make this experience as enjoyable and fruitful as possible, we have prepared a short preparation checklist for you: 

Register! Even if you are watching it with your team. It may sound obvious, but it is very important that you register to be able to access all the info and giveaways. We will be doing some live giveaways between those who registered, so it is crucial that you do that following this link

Engagement. Watching through your computer – no problem chat is available as in normal Zoom webinar. Watching in a group or gathering with a viewing party? Make sure to download your zoom app and have your phone ready (Make sure you keep your sound on silent to avoid echo)

3· Access our motivational speaker’s documents and get ready for an hour of business motivation. Click here to access all the languages. 

4. Record, take photos and share the atmosphere from your viewing on social media using the hashtag #SynergySummit2022 



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