#MyGreenPOWER challenge

Join our Synergy WorldWide Essential Greens 60-day Challenge and receive a FREE ESSENTAL GREENS!

How it works: 
1· Join the challenge: Fill out our Challenge Form
2· Participate & encourage: Share your journey on your social media
3· Earn prizes: Complete the Challenge & be rewarded

Available packs: 
Green Power Single Pack x2
Detox Single Pack x2
Super Smoothie Pack x2
Green Power Pack
Detox Pack
Super Smoothie Double Pack


As a Team Member, use this challenge to encourage, challenge, and support your customers. Synergy will reward good practices and achievements with product credits.
Here is how it works:
1. Get your current and new customers to participate and complete the #MyGreenPower Challenge.
2. Every customer who completed the wellness challenge will bring you one step closer to the next prize level.


1. 10+ of your customers complete the challenge. You earn 200 euros in product credit.
2. 20+ of your customers complete the challenge. You earn 400 euros in product credit.
3. 30+ of your customers complete the challenge. You earn 800 euros in product credit.

Note: #MyGreenPower Challenge is a 60-day challenge, where the participants must follow the above-outlined steps. Any #MyGreenPower Challenge must be started within 17.09.22 - 31.12.22 and completed no later than the end of February 2023. Participants to qualify must be signed up in the system before completing their challenge, thus being able to provide both the order reference number and synergy account number.


Terms and Conditions
· Remember, you will need to be active on Subscribe & Save with an order and maintain 200 CV in TC1 volume in each of the qualification months to qualify for any Synergy promotions.
· This promotion is a limited-time promotional program designed to encourage growth and good practices in Europe for Team Members.
· All aspects of this bonus/promotional program are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed outside the outlined prize list.
· The recipient must be in good standing with Synergy WorldWide at time of bonus received.



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