Synergy’s Purify Kit featured on TV documentary programme

Recently Synergy and our Purify Kit were featured on UK’s channel 4 through the documentary ‘How Healthy Is Your Gut?’ 

Six volunteers tried different methods to improve their gut health. 

Ranjna Gopal, trialed the 21 Day gut reset programme using our Purify system. She was not eating well and relying on 12 cups coffees to get her through the day before participating and starting her journey. After partaking in the programme, she said she was feeling “brighter, more awake. I’m sleeping better and … I’m not drinking coffee.”

Dr. Megan Rossi -registered dietitian and with a doctorate in gut health- emphasized the importance of fibre in our diet. She stated, “fibre is very important because it feeds a good microbiome, which is linked to a better mental health, better heart health, etc. The benefits of fibre are far-reaching”. 

After her 21-day journey, Ranjna Gopal said she would ‘100% do it again’. Gopal felt she had a ‘flatter stomach’, having lost 2.25kg. She also added, “It does make a huge difference, even on my mood, I didn’t think that the change would be this significant in just 21 days”

If you would like to learn more and participate in the incredible Purify program, click here. Contact your Synergy Independent Team Member, or customer service for any questions or place an order. 



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