Staying active on busy days

Incorporating exercise into your day when you have free time is easy, but what happens on those days where you simply have too much to do and you spend countless hours in front of the computer, working or occupied with day-to-day tasks? Below are 4 tips to sneak in some exercise and movement on busy days.


1· Squat every hour

Set your alarm for every hour (or every other hour), stand up, and do 10 squats. This will not take longs, but it will have a huge impact on how you are feeling. Have you ever thought about inviting people in a virtual meeting to join you for a 5 min workout to get the blood pumping and ideas flowing.


2· Go for a walk

Do you have calls or meetings that can effectively be had on the go? Invite someone to have a walking meeting, put on your headphones and go out for a small walk.


3· Use your breaks

Sometimes is easy to forget about breaks, but they are a great opportunity to clear your mind and move your body. Do 10 jumping jacks, 5 push-ups and go up and down the stairs for a quick at-home break-workout. Need to multitask? Cleaning is a good way to do two things in one go, move your body and complete a chore.


4· Invest on a standing desk

Sitting on a chair for many hours a day can be bad for our posture, muscles, blood flow, and the body in general. Investing in a standing desk can incorporate better habits in your work life. Keep in mind that you may need a bit of transition time - start easy and gradually increase usage of a standing. You can for example stand for 30 minutes to an hour, and then sit for a couple of hours and repeat multiple times when you feel ready for it.



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