Trulūm Youth Serum & Trulūm Pack

Synergy WorldWide is always striving to improve and provide the best product offerings possible based on market needs, availability of high-quality ingredients, technological advancement, customer feedback and science. 

We are constantly reviewing our current products and new product opportunities to make sure each product in our portfolio encompass Synergy’s vision of sharing Elite Health across the globe, as well as it being aligned with user preferences & wants.  

The Trulūm series was originally launched as a skincare-regimen with 7 products. We have come to the realization that our European market and users, based on customer feedback and analysis are looking for a simpler and more direct skincare regimen. As a result, the Trulūm Youth Serum has been discontinued, and the Trulūm pack has been adapted to consist of 6 products that will still provide you with the most loved products, strong benefits and powerful active ingredients. 

Please discover the Trulūm packs that will be available as presented below. Now saving you time, cost and effort through a streamlined regimen program: 

2021 Trulūm Pack

(1x Cleansing Gel, 1x Hydrating Toner, 1x Moisturizer, 
1x Intrinsic Complex, 1x Eye Concentrate, 1x Brightening Serum and the Trulūm guide)

160 CV


2021 Trulūm Pack (3+1)

(4x Cleansing Gel, 4x Hydrating Toner, 4x Moisturizer, 
4x Intrinsic Complex, 4x Eye Concentrate, 4x Brightening Serum and 4x Trulūm guide)

480 CV
Synergy Worldwide is always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions and welcome your feedback. If Trulūm Youth Serum was one of your favorites, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to investigate if there are any available stock that can be exceptionally sold. 

Note:The pack can be ordered for personal consumption. Orders must be called in to our friendly customer service agents. 



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