Congratulations Retreat Achievers

Synergy WorldWide is pleased to announce the Team Members across Europe who have qualified for our 2021 Retreats. We recognize and congratulate them for the hard work and dedication they put forth to achieve their goals and qualify for these experiences.

The requirements to qualify for Leadership Retreat and Vision Retreat focus on building each market through personal sponsorship efforts and leadership principles. Each of our qualifying Team Members have rank advanced and helped new Team Members to excel within our Synergy Community.

At this time, the COVID pandemic has made international travel complicated and, for many, impossible. Synergy has therefore decided and will be shortly notifying qualifying Team Members about a cash reward that will be given in lieu of the retreat trips, to celebrate their efforts and achievement.

Please join us in congratulating each of these men and women for their achievements as Synergy business builders.

Vision Retreat 2021 Qualifiers

Heliodor Franz Schirnhofer +1 (Austria)

Leadership Retreat 2021 Qualifiers

Caroline Gillam +1 (UK)
Catherine Wilton +1 (UK)
Kim And Simon Bradley (UK)
Liz James +1 (UK)
Lorenzo Baffico +1 (Italy)
Nada Strovs +1 (Slovenia)
Robert Suppan +1 (Austria)
Roman Tanzler +1 (Austria)
Sandra Hillawi +1 (UK)
Sandra Huebsch +1 (Austria)
Sue Thomas +1 (UK)
Teri Rigby +1 (UK)
Anne Katrine Skilbreid (Norway)
Bostjan  Pilej (Slovenia)
Diego Bragato (Italy)
Giorgio Bresquar (Italy)
Jonathan Burgess (Uk)
Martina Kodrun (Slovenia)
Petra Rinkel (Germany)
Sabine Feitl (Austria)

Leadership Retreat 2020 Qualifiers

Sigrun-Johanna Paulus +1 (Germany)
Fausto Mariucci +1 (Italy)
Silvana Bravi +1 (Italy)
Caroline Gillam +1 (United Kingdom)
Stipko, Martina Kodrun S.P. +1 (Slovenia)
Simone Abramo +1 (Italy)
Anna Margret Bjarnadottir +1 (Iceland)
Catherine Wilton +1 (United Kingdom)
Liz James +1 (United Kingdom)
Gloria Cinetto +1 (Italy)
Kirsi Laitinen +1 (Finland)
Anne Katrine Skilbreid +1 (Norway)
Matteo Compri (Italy)
Fit And Fun (Jan Kupske & Christa Schulz) (Germany)
Ian Smith (United Kingdom)

Be sure to check out the Retreats and Promotions available this year, including the Customer Care Bonus, Monthly Mentor Bonus, Leadership Retreat 2022 and Vision Retreat 2022.

We look forward to gathering with you all again soon, but until then, please continue to set goals, make plans, and prepare your team for an excellent 2021.



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