Congratulations to the Vision Retreat Qualifiers

For the first half of 2019, more than 30 European Team Members reached new heights in their Synergy businesses to qualify for Vision Retreat in Utah!

Qualifiers will enjoy four days and three nights in Utah touring Synergy’s new headquarters, The Hughes Center, and the Manufacturing Facility, in addition to exploring some of the beauty and places that make Utah exceptional.

Please join us in congratulating the following leaders:
Ing. Gerald Winkler (Austria)
Sabrina Lindner (Austria)
Doris Zinke (Austria)
Titta Väätti (Finland)
Pure-Fitness (Germany)
Emeka & Prisca Okakpu (Ireland)
Paul & Irene Assoua (Ireland)
Jessy Okeke (Ireland)
Olumide Ahanmisi (Ireland)
Savina De March (Italy)
Maria Elena Valentini (Italy)
Gloria Cinetto (Italy)
Fabrizio Rosolin (Italy)
Vittorio Anastasia (Italy)
Lin Zadnjikar (Slovenia)
Lara Zadnikar (Slovenia)
Mrs. Matilda Ugwuegbulam (U.K.)
Julia Riewald (U.K.)
Abiso Kabir (Ireland)
Alex & Jane Geoman (U.K.)

Qualified + free airfare:

Susanne Giesler (Germany)
John Chidi Ezema (Ireland)
Mariella Santello (Italy)
Sabrina Disero' (Italy)
Andrea Inama (Italy)
Matteo Ciabattoni (Italy)
Morten Falstad (Norway)
Uros Zajc (Slovenia)
Danijela Likar (Slovenia)
Emma Backshall (U.K.)

Qualified to bring a guest:

Rudolf Zinke (Austria)
Regina Krammer (Austria)
Eveline Isolde Ringhofer (Austria)
Dr. Victor Amadi (Ireland)
Princess Edith Ngozi Ugwuanyi (Ireland)

Qualified to bring a guest + free airfare for self:

Nicole Holzer (Austria)
Svenja Niederberger (Germany)
Michela Passantino (Italy)
Zavod Sestavise (Slovenia)

Qualified to bring a guest + free airfare for self and guest:

Andreas Bauernhofer (Austria)
Gregor Loh (Austria)

We are proud to reward these business builders, and we wish them even more success throughout the remainder of their 2019. We’re excited to celebrate their achievements in September!


You are invited to celebrate with Synergy next year in Bodrum, Turkey. Make sure to view the updated qualifications designed to help you reach new levels of success. Learn more about qualifying for Leadership Retreat, here.

And don’t forget: Earn extra cash for advancing to Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There’s no better time to start than now! For more information about this new bonus, click here.



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