Cash for Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Get ready for an even more rewarding 2019! Synergy WorldWide will be awarding extra cash to Team Members who advance to the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels from now through the end of this year. As you reach and maintain these ranks, you will earn extra cash in addition to the earnings from the compensation plan.
When Can I Earn the Bonus? July 2019 – December 2019

How to Earn the Bonus:
1. Reach a new highest rank at the level of Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
2. Then, maintain or exceed that rank in the month following your rank advancement.
3. Also, be sure to accumulate 200 CV in TC1 each month during the promotion, or from the month you activate as a Team Member in the promotion period.

Cash Bonus Amounts:
Pin Level EUR
Bronze € 50
Silver € 100
Gold € 200
Bonuses will be paid with commissions at the end of the promotion period. Bonuses are cumulative as long as the rank is maintained in the month following the rank advancement.

Earn extra cash as you build your business and share Elite Health with others. There’s no better time to start than now!



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