Summit 2021: APP and Web portal

We are only days away from Summit, and we want to share some extra exciting news with you. Maybe you have already stumbled upon it? For our Summit we have created a website portal and an App (mobile). 

The Web Portal (website) is designed and intended to help optimize the live viewing experience for the full event during both Friday and Saturday. 

The App for your smartphone is designed and created to allow engagement, interaction, and networking during the event (with continued access 6 months forward). How amazing is that?! 

You can already start using the hashtag #SynergySummit2021 on social media while you get ready for the big event! We will pick some favorites and announce some winners on Saturday. 

The doors to the Summit 2021 Web portal and App will open the 11.11.2021. Mark your calendar and remember to have registered in advance to gain access. 

Download our Summit App here:
Password: summit2021

Bookmark Synergy Summit 2021 portal and have it ready for the big event. 

Want to have the best Summit experience? Watch the stream on your computer and use the app on your phone to interact live with us.

What can you do in the portal and with the APP? In advance of the event, you can set up your personal profile with image, information you would like to share. You can enjoy and explore exclusive content, chat, network, view picture albums, videos, and much more.

Participate in fun quizzes and send us your feedback! 



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