2018 Legacy Award Winners

Each year for Summit, Team Members are nominated to receive Synergy’s highly regarded Legacy Awards. This year, we presented several outstanding Team Members with the “Will Martin Hope of Synergy” Award and the “Foundation of Excellence” Award.

We want to thank each of these Team Members for the inspiring stories, passion, and teamwork that earned them these prestigious awards. Synergy Europe is better because of you.

Will Martin Hope of Synergy Award

This award is presented to Team Members who have a unique and inspiring story involving Synergy products, business, or health. The award is named after William Martin, Synergy’s first-ever Presidential in Europe.

Alessandro Calli - Italy

Alessandro Calli is an enthusiastic team Member who recently joined Synergy Worldwide and has already achieved great success because of his strong work ethic.

“Alessandro Calli will surprise us all. He will see great results with his positive attitude.” - Adele Pastore, General Manager Italy, Spain and Slovenia

Dragica Likar - Slovenia

Dragica Likar has been with Synergy since its opening in Slovenia. She has a growing organization that she supports with care every day. She is a champion in leveraging company promotions and sharing Elite Health wherever she goes.

“Dragica Likar prefers to take action with her business. She is doing a great job with her neighbors, friends, and team. We are happy to have her representing Synergy.” – Adele Pastore, General Manager Italy, Spain and Slovenia

Päivi & Kimmo Kangas - Finland

Paivi and Kimmo Kangas are great examples of Team Members who support and serve. Their example is duplicated throughout their entire organization. Their team is very much a family environment. They have fun when they travel together to Synergy meetings and events.

“They are very humble, but possess all the important skills to have a successful business helping thousands to achieve better health and wealth. They are a very determined couple and when they have challenges they face them head on, straight away. They are always leading!” - Rob Lord, General Manager Northern Europe

Petra Rinkel - Germany

Petra Rinkel knows that the window of opportunity in Germany is wide open. Her progress with Synergy WorldWide has inspired others in her market and throughout Europe.

"Since joining Synergy a few months back, it has been a pleasure to work with such dedicated Team Members in Central Europe. A great example is Petra Rinkel, who has created a strong and loyal customer base with the simple elements of love, trust, and care. Petra is a strong leader with true passion and she’s completely dedicated to her daily tasks. I believe Petra well deserves the Hope of Synergy award she was presented with this year.” - Marcin Jez, General Manager Central Europe

Foundation of Excellence Award

This award is presented to Team Members who have made outstanding contributions to Synergy WorldWide within the business. Those who are awarded this prestigious recognition have truly gone above and beyond with their business and have demonstrated great leadership in their respective markets.

Emeka & Prisca Okakpu - Ireland

Emeka and Prisca are a fantastic couple who are building the business together. For most months during 2018, they were recognized as either a Top European Recruiter, Top European Business Builder, or both. They amassed significant points in the Torino Magica promotion and continually build upon their strengths.

“While they have a busy family life with four children, they are committed to Synergy and have a huge ‘why’. They complement each other well with their differing skill sets and are an inspiration to their team as well as their upline. Their work ethic is a real example to everyone. They are a credit to their family and their country!” - Rob Lord, General Manager Northern Europe

Luigino Iobbi - Italy

Team Manager Luigino Iobbi works tirelessly in the center of Southern Italy. He has a great team in Germany, and ambition to grow his business exponentially.

“Luigino Iobbi takes his business very seriously, he doesn’t accept mediocrity, and he always works for excellence.” - Adele Pastore, General Manager Italy, Spain and Slovenia

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