Esteemed friends and colleagues,

2023 is quickly coming to a close, and once again, we wish to express our deepest appreciation to each of you.  To those of you who have been part of the Synergy family for many years, and all those who recently joined this past year, we wish to convey our sincere gratitude for your daily efforts to share the powerful Synergy message of health, both physical and financial.  For over 51 years, our commitment to the highest quality products, and rock solid business opportunity continue to lead our industry.  And all you do to share that message with everyone you can is what allows us to impact more and more people each day.  Thank you.  This was a huge year of exciting transition for Synergy Europe, with many new products launched, IT website and system improvements, and the exiting launch of the beautifully updated Synergy brand and packaging.   

And with that foundation, together with your efforts, we are certain that in 2024 we will achieve our goal of reaching more new team members and customers than ever before.  There is a lot of work to be done, and together we will make it happen.

Please remember to take advantage of the many holiday specials we have in place this month, and share Synergy with everyone you can, while you take a moment to reflect on 2023, and plan out your goals for next year. Grab your tickets to your local kickoff meetings, and prepare to start the year off well informed, and ready for action!

In a world that operates with some uncertainty, and even a little chaos, we appreciate the stability and unity that Synergy provides.  We are full of gratitude, hope and love for every team member, and customer.  You are the heart of Synergy!  

Please enjoy this holiday season with those closest to you, wherever they may be.  We wish you the Merriest of Christmas’, Happiest Hannukah, and a very Happy New Year!

Very sincerely,

Bryant Yates
President, Europe
Lynn Ohman
Executive Director, Europe



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