Synergy welcomes Alessandra Ghio

Synergy WorldWide is proud to announce the new Sales Director for Southern Europe, Alessandra Ghio. With over 16 years of experience as General Manager and over 5 as Sales Manager, Alessandra brings great experience, understanding and insights from direct sales industry. 

Alessandra strongly believes in the importance of food supplementation as part of wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.

In a comment she says “I am delighted and pleased to be part of Synergy Worldwide, I have just started, and I already feel part of a big family. I believe in direct sales and their potentiality, the possibility to changing lives through great products and terrific business opportunity.”

Referring to products, Alessandra added “The science, research, and development behind Synergy’s products is unique, they are of the highest quality; our products are amazing.” 

Alessandra loves working with people and establishing positive relationships with everyone. 

She will be supporting and helping Team Members from Italy, Slovenia, and Spain, so they can achieve their best and get their Synergy Business to new levels of success. 

We are pleased to have Alessandra as part of the Synergy family, and know she will be a tremendous addition to the team.  Her complete focus is on the success of the Southern Region of Synergy Europe, and I know she will be a great partner in our collective goal to “Leave a Legacy” of financial and physical health and well being.  Welcome, Alessandra!

Lynn E. Ohman
Executive Director, Europe



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