Be a Force with Synergy WorldWide Europe

Let’s walk together towards the Summit 2021! Join Synergy WorldWide in partnership with Impact Foundation to benefit UNICEF.

Giving back to our communities and helping those in need is an important part of Synergy WorldWide and what we stand for. As we prepare for Summit, let’s Step On & Step Up together for a great cause.

How to participate and donate? 

1· Make a donation of any amount you wish by contacting Customer Service and/or click here.

With any donation of 50 euro or more…
     Synergy will gift you with a limited edition branded t-shirt
     Add to your donation! We will add 25 euro per 50 euro you donate. 
        o If you contribute with a 50 euro donation, Synergy will donate 25 euro. If you contribute with a 100 euro donation, synergy will donate 50 euro. 

2· Do the 5K! You choose how to do it; walk 5k in one day or over the span of a week, run or even do a mix of both! Invite your family or friends to participate or join in by donating to your 5K walk. Together we make a difference. 

Participate, contribute and share with your team, friends and family. We cant wait to see your participation, excitement and feature your participation during Summit 2021 – take pictures, share them with us and on social media. Tag and use the hashtag #BeAForceWithSynergy  #synergy5k #synergyworldwide #SynergySummit2021.


UNICEF, founded in 1946 to help European children after World War II, works in providing aid to children worldwide, focusing on health, education and protection. Nowadays, they work in over190 countries providing children with all their needs so they can keep being children.

Only in 2020, they treated almost 5 million children under 5 from severe malnutrition, and made drinking water accessible for 106 million people. 

Their emergency, water and nutrition program allow millions of children to have access to drinking water, sewage system and good hygiene water, which prevents thousands of deaths every year. They also work in emergency or conflict situations, where they provide live saving medical supplies, water and nutritional supplements. 

Let’s be a force for this good cause and spread awareness while we walk towards the summit.



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