Meal prep ideas and tips

For those who don’t know, meal prepping is cooking food in advance. Perfect for busy people, or those who don’t enjoy cooking that much, you just take some time where you cook a couple of meals for the week, store it in the fridge and you are done!

1· Change it up

Try out different recipes and change up your meals. If you do five batches of the same meal, you will be tired by the second day and end up hating it or choosing an unhealthy option. Prepare different smaller meals and change them up during the week! You can prepare a couple of vegetable options, one for protein, two options of complex carbs, and mix up your containers.

2· Make a plan and multi-task

If you don’t have a clear idea, meal prepping can take quite a long time. Save yourself some time and stress and have a clear game plan. Write down the recipes you want to cook and the cooking time. Start with the ingredients that take longer and multi-task.

Pro-tip: if you have time, plan the whole month. Think of all the recipes you want to make, create a shopping list, and buy in bulk. This can be both time-saving and budget-friendly.

3· Smart snacking

Did you know that meal prep doesn’t have to be lunch and dinner only? You can also prepare snacks and breakfast beforehand. Boil a couple of eggs, cut vegetables, or store hummus in some containers. With everything in hand, ready to eat, you are setting yourself up for success.

4· Label and organize

Safe yourself some sorting and searching, and label all your containers so you can easily find what you are looking for. Include the date on the container to make sure nothing goes to waste. Are you planning on meal prepping freezer meals? Remember to label them with the name and date you are cooking them.

5· Meal prep ideas

Need some extra encouragement and ideas? Here is a weekly example:

· Quinoa and chickpea salad. Add your favorite fruit and vegetables. Looking for some extra flavor and texture? Add some feta cheese as an extra ingredient.

· Chickpea and roasted vegetable curry. Load it with vegetables and leafy greens like spinach. You can add some broccoli to the curry or serve it with some beans or brown rice for added complex carbs.

· Roasted vegetables with black beans. Easy and convenient, use any vegetables you may have in your fridge and roast them.

You only need to cook some quinoa and roast veggies. Make one or two meals of each recipe, and you are good to go!

In need of a breakfast idea? Overnight oats can be the way to go. Mix some oats with your milk of choice or yogurt and put it in the fridge (overnight). Choose your favorite ingredients and toppings. Check out one of our favorite new recipes using SmartMeal.

SmartMeal overnight oats with summer berries

60 gr of rolled oats

1 scoop of SmartMeal

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

A pinch of cinnamon

150gr of berries of your choice

180ml of the milk of your choice

180ml of Greek yogurt


Pro-tip: Pace yourself! There is nothing worse than spending hours in the kitchen to then have too many leftovers. Start with 2-3 recipes and go from there.  



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