European Payment Update

Over the past several years banks in Europe have transitioned to using more secure online payment processes including 3D secure. As of January 1st, 2021 this becomes mandatory, and is implemented throughout banks in Europe to increase the safety of online purchasing. This includes additional credit card transaction authentication steps that are managed directly between you, the credit card holder, and your bank/card provider.

In conjunction with this new process, Synergy Worldwide is not expecting any interruptions to your normal product order flow. However, we do appreciate your patience and understanding as we all get used to the changes required while incorporating this into our system.

When you process an order with Synergy utilizing a credit card for the payment method, this process can differ slightly depending on your bank and which platform is used.

Call Center Ordering: 
When you call the call center to place your orders, please be prepared with all of your credit card details, as normal. As part of the 3D secure process, you may be asked to contact your bank to complete the charge. Our Customer Service agents will be able to walk you through this process.

Online Ordering: 
Similarly, when you go online to place your order, along with all of your credit card details, you will receive a pop up message directing you on how to complete the full validation process as the order is being made.

Please make sure you have current and complete contact details with us and please remember to allow pop-up messages in your browser, so the a new window can be launched correctly if required by the bank system.

Autoship Orders: 
Note that Autoship orders will continue to process as normal, however, on occasion, you may receive a credit card transaction verification request by email, from your bank. Please make sure you follow the instructions in that email to complete your transaction and ensure that your Autoship order is completed and able to be shipped.

If you encounter any issues with the credit card processing step, please contact your credit card provider/bank directly for additional assistance related to the 3D secure process.

And as always, our world class Customer Service agents will be glad to help, and answer any questions you may have.

We wish you an incredible New Year, and hope that 2021 will find you happy, healthy, and leaving a legacy!



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