Staying Home - 6 Tips To Keep Busy And Entertained

Staying at home, working from home for longer periods of time, alongside social distancing rules implemented around the world have created new challenges, but also new opportunities! We are constantly learning new and creative ways to make the best of our every-day-life situation. What can you do for fun, how can you entertain your kids or how to stay in touch with family and friends?

We at Synergy love our community and want to share our favorite tips and tricks to keeping busy and entertained from home.

1. Visit a museum

Do a cultural deep-dive by exploring a museum. Many museums have developed virtual tours and experiences you can enjoy without ever leaving the comfort of your chair. Enjoy a piece of culture, art or history and check out some of the most renowned museums around the world.

Here are a some of our favorites:
- The British Museum, London
- Musée d’Orsay, Paris
- Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
- National Museum of Modern and Contemporary art, Korea
- Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, New York
- The Louvre, Paris

2. Get your game on

A fun game can make time fly by. Take initiative and host a social game-night by digitally gathering your friends and family for a chat and a round of games. This will also work perfectly if you live together with family or friends. Put together a quiz, use a game console or discover other fun alternatives here. There are countless options available and many ways to enjoy a good game-night – get creative!

3. Pick up an old hobby or learn something new

Is there something you always wanted to learn, but never felt you had the time for? Or maybe you previously had a hobby you didn’t have time to pursue? Whether you want to pick up an old hobby, start learning how to draw, cook, or let the writer inside you out – make a list, set some goals and explore ways you can do it.

4. Organize your closet

May month is here and as seasons change, why not dedicate some time to declutter your closet? There is no right or wrong way to do it! Just start by taking out your clothes and get to organizing. Make piles by categories and make sure to keep your treasures and favorites pieces safe.

Before removing any clothes, consider if you can donate some to a charity or perhaps there is a hidden upcycling project waiting in plain sight. Sometimes the smallest alteration can make a little used piece of clothing a new favorite. When putting back your clothes, do it by color, season, type, whatever makes sense to you – just be consistent!

5. Brighten up your workspace

Home offices are not standardized. Keep yourself motivated and your workday productive by brightening up your workspace. Make sure you have a comfortable workspace with good lighting. Keep stationary and other things you may need on hand. Personalize your work area by adding a small flower to your desk or a family photo, however, remember to keep it tidy and organized to allow best possible focus for the work ahead.

6. Family cooking

Make dinner a fun adventure for you and your kids. Select a theme, country or city at random and learn about its traditional cooking, music and culture. Prepare dishes and treats that matches your destination or theme and most importantly enjoy the time spent together.



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