Reactivate As A Team Member And Receive Free Shipping!

The winter season is upon us and we are quickly approaching the end of an amazing year. Join Synergy in making our 20th year the best one yet! Take advantage of this special promotion and make this December a month to remember.

Synergy is excited to share the details of the reactivation promotion with you! Available for all European markets until the end of the year, inactive Team Members whose status was transitioned to Preferred Customer will be offered a chance to reactivate to Team Member status by placing a standard CV qualifying order*.

Start the process today and receive FREE SHIPPING!

Here’s how the process works:

1. Formally request to have the Synergy account reactivated to Team Member status in writing via e-mail to Customer Service.
2. Official approval is requested on your behalf with our Compliance department.
3. When approval is obtained you can complete the process by placing the “reactivation” order with Synergy’s Customer Service team.

The inactive Team Member protocol was introduced in 2016 to provide a clear view of who is active and inactive in their organizations. It was designed to help Team Members focus their efforts on those who are building and follow up with those who are not. To read more about the protocol, click here.

Learn more or start the process today by contacting our customer service team.

Important: *To qualify for this offer Team Member accounts are subject to review. Team Member accounts must have been originally activated with qualifying activation order and Business Manager Fee. Cancelled or previously reactivated accounts are not eligible for this offer. Reactivation orders must contain the minimum standard qualifying CV or higher as per market standards.



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