Synergy Europe Autumn Kick-off Highlights

What an amazing day we had! Thank you to everyone who came all the way to Barcelona to celebrate and enjoy the Autumn Kick-off with us. You truly made the day so very special, with your enthusiasm, passion and energy, you made the whole day unforgettable! 

During the Synergy Europe Autumn Kick-off, we created an environment for sharing knowledge and best practices through presentations, speeches, and panel debates. New product launches, celebrations of your incredible achievements, trainings, and giveaways… all this left us so “fired up” and motivated for the future that is NOW!  
We launched two exciting new products, Zinc Protect and Liver Health.

We launched a brand-new Synergy into our European markets and listened to amazing and inspirational training from our European leaders. We also had and insightful and motivating speeches from Dan Higginson, Bryant Yates, Lynn Ohman, Paul and Rudy!  

And there was MORE! We also launched a new website for you to purchase the latest Synergy’s merchandise, including accessories, gadgets so you can share our new Synergy branding with everyone, what a great talking point when meeting people!

But wait! The above does not include everything! Click on the button below to view and download all the unforgettable moments we experienced during Synergy Europe Autumn Kick-off. 
It was so fun and inspiring to share all the knowledge, news and positive energy with everyone who attended, thank you again. Every successful year of Synergy is made possible by each of you. We are so incredibly proud and grateful to have shared this year and this event with such talented and hardworking people! We cannot wait to see you again next year! 



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