Hello, Synergy Multivitamin!

Enjoy our daily vitamins and minerals, combined in one simple, tasty, on-the-go solution. Synergy Multivitamin contains 17 different vitamins and minerals. Drink your daily vitamins & minerals and enjoy the natural raspberry lemonade flavour. 

Nutrition and supplementation can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are endless options, and it can be hard to start. Synergy Multivitamin is a premium multivitamin, designed for daily use to support your core base needs. Containing Vitamin A, D, E, K, C, B6, B12, Thiamine, Calcium, folic acid, Magnesium and Zinc Synergy’s Multivitamin is a staple for all. 

This product contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism. It protects your cells from oxidative stress as well as maintaining normal bones. As you can see, it’s the perfect supplement to add to your daily self-care.   

This March we have two new products joining our catalogue – Multivitamin and SleepWell. To celebrate this, we are offering FREE SHIPPING for Team Members! Offer is automatically applied on any spot orders or upgrade orders above 100 CV containing either product (or both), through 19th March. Remember that you can always get free shipping in your Subscribe and Save order reaching 200CV or more. 

The product is to be ordered for personal consumption only and is not eligible for resale. Orders must be called in to our Customer Service team.  



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