Synergy Summer Camp

Earn rewards with Synergy Summer Camp! You have 90 days during the summer season, from June 1st until Monday 29th of August, to earn points towards prizes.
All you have to do is ‘turn up the heat’ on your business to make it sizzle this summer!
How does the promotion work?
CV earns you points, and these points turn into prizes. 1 CV = 1 point
How can you earn points?
1· When you personally sponsor a new Team Member and they place an activation order, you as the sponsor earn points. The CV of the activation order equals the points you receive. 
For example, if the new team member makes a 200 CV activation order, you earn 200 points. If the activation order is higher, 400 CV for example, you earn 400 points. 
2· Help your new team member start their business strong. If your new Team Member achieves at least 200 CV on TC1 the following 2 months after signup, you can earn additional points. The minimum requirement is 200 CV per month, additional CV will get you additional points. 
For example, Lisa enrols in June with 200 CV and continues to achieve 200 CV on TC1 in July and August, this means that Lisa’s sponsor can receive a total of 600 points (200 points for the activation order and 400 points for CV acquired on TC1 on the following two months). 

3· Introduce a NEW* customer on Subscribe & Save. You can earn points equal to the CV value of the customer’s Subscribe & Save order. 
E.g., Subscribe & Save order for new customer is 120 CV = 120 points. If a new customer starts S&S order in June, and continues in July and August, the sponsor will earn points each month. 
What do points earn you and how can you claim your prize? 
You can win as many prizes as you want from the list below, decide on your goal and achieve the new CV through sponsorship and sales.
Level 1 = 1,000 new CV points = 87.75€ product credits or a 58.50€ shopping voucher.
Level 2 = 2,000 new CV = 175.50€ product credits or 117€ Nike voucher to spend on new gym gear or 117€ for amazon.
Level 3 = 3,000 new CV = Apple air pods or 234€ product credits.
Level 4 = 6,000 new CV = Gourmet dinner for 2 people or 292.50€ product credits.
Level 5 = 8,000 new CV = iPad or 409.50€ product credits.
Level 6 = 10,000 new CV = Hotel spa night away for 2 people or 585€ product credits.

For example, if you win 7.000 points, you decide how you divide those points to get the prizes you want. You can get a Level 4 prize and a Level 1 price, three Level 2 prizes and one from Level 1… you decide how you divide the points. 

Terms and Conditions
· Remember, you will need to be active on Subscribe & Save with an order and maintain 200 CV in TC1 volume in each of the qualification months to qualify for any Synergy promotions. 
· This promotion is a limited-time promotional program designed to encourage growth and good practices in Europe for Team Members. 
· All aspects of this bonus/promotional program are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed outside the outlined prize list. 
· The recipient must be in good standing with Synergy WorldWide at time of bonus received.

*Please note customer must be a new customer. 



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