FL-3X Price Drop

Synergy has been searching for new ways to better share the joy and benefits of one of our fan favorite products amongst loyal Synergy users and new customers! Starting today, Synergy will offer the amazing FL-3X gel supplement at a new unbeatable price. 

We are also introducing the new 6-pack of FL-3X, giving you your FL-3X at the qualifying 120CV. So, you receive better value and bigger savings with every purchase. Anyone looking to support an active lifestyle and overall health can now enjoy FL-3X at 50€ (Autoship price). Saving more than 28%! What are you waiting for?

Special One-Week Super Offer

From today March 11th, through Thursday, March 18th 2021.

Order 2x FL-3X or more and get free shipping.

Any orders with placed with Customer service containing 2x FL-3X or more will receive free shipping directly.
  • Any orders placed online will have shipping cost refunded after the One-Week Super Offer has ended.

Activate as a new Team Member 

Include one or more units of FL-3X in the activation order and get the Business Manager Fee waived. Remember that the activation order must meet regular market specifications and requirements. 
  • All activation orders processed online and qualifying for this offer will have Business Manager Fee refunded after the One-Week Super Offer has ended.
  • Anyone who has registered online and wishes to place their activation order including FL-3X with Customer Service can have the Business Manager Fee waived directly.

Want to combine? No problem, go for it!

Price adjustments come with CV adjustments, so please plan your orders accordingly and refer to the charts below:
Share the good news with your team and customers, allowing more people to benefit and enjoy FL-3X on a daily basis.


Synergy’s FL-3X gel is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle, as its ingredients support the way you move. FL-3X contains 500 mg glucosamine HCL and 300 mg chondroitin sulfate, the fundamental components of joint tissue involved in the production of hyaluronic acid. Support mobility, range of motion, and flexibility!

Note: The product is to be ordered for personal consumption only and is not eligible for resale. Orders must be called in to our Customer Service team

Offers can be combined
The price of the Gels Combo Pack and Sports Pack Plus are unchanged.



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