Temporary Promo - 6 Pack SLMsmart

People all around the world are adapting to a new and unusual way of everyday life. Many people are now staying home, unable to practice their daily routines, diets and exercise. Therefore, it is so crucial for all of us to focus on and finding new ways to support our health.

SLM Smart Shakes are simple, nutritional meal replacements that reminds you to be active. It is creamy, refreshing and packing all the vitamins and minerals of a healthy balanced meal. Did we mention it can even help you maintain or lose weight?

Let’s not forget about your business! There's no better way to introduce a new person to the Synergy family than with the SLM Smart product.

To highlight the importance and show our continued dedication to you, we are offering a special promotion for a limited time only! This temporary product pack is available through May 2nd*.

Buy a 6 pack of our Chocolate SLMSmart Meal Replacement and get a huge discount per unit:


(6 Chocolate SLMsmart)
120 CV
NOTE: Does NOT include shipping costs. Price stated is based on autoship pricing.
Order now online, or contact Customer Service for assistance.

Please be aware that this promotion and pack is available for a limited time only. It does not replace or substitute any of Synergy’s regular packs and cannot be added to an Autoship template.

*While supplies last.



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