Leadership Retreat 2019 Recap Video and Photos

This year’s Leadership Retreat was a smashing success! Team Members from across Europe gathered in Greece for a well-earned holiday at the beautiful Kalimera Kriti Resort, where they enjoyed excellent food, glorious sunshine, the warm beach just steps away, and great company.

Qualifiers were able to relax and soak up the sun, paddle board in the cool water, and participate in competitive softball and table tennis games. Terrence Moorehead, CEO Nature’s Sunshine, was pleased to be able to attend the retreat for his first visit to a Synergy Europe event. Terrence, along with Lynn Ohman, Executive Director and EU General Managers Rob Lord, Marcin Jez and Adele Pastore, enjoyed quality time with attendees, and shared with them their exciting vision for the future. Europe’s leaders are eager and ready to accelerate into the future.

We are proud to reward such incredible individuals who continually work toward achieving new heights in their Synergy businesses.

View the Leadership Retreat 2019 photo album HERE.

Legacy Retreat 2020 in South Africa

Click here to find out how you can qualify for our next Legacy Retreat in South Africa. Together with Synergy, you will experience vibrant landscapes, exotic wildlife, and lavish accommodations in an inspiring trip of a lifetime to one of earth’s most captivating lands.



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