Elite Honors 2019

Now in its fourth year, the Elite Honors program is back to encourage Team Members to build their business in Elite fashion!

The Elite Honors program guides Team Members to set goals each month, to accumulate business building volume, and to actively grow the foundations of their Synergy organization. Set your sights on achieving Elite Honors every month, and never doubt your ability to create success and leave a legacy.


In one calendar month:
• Accumulate a minimum of 600 CV in TC 1 volume, and...
• Personally sponsor a new Team Member, with a minimum of 200 CV in Activation Volume.

Those who earn Elite Honors three times will earn the coveted “Elite Honors” pin! Those who earn it month after month will find themselves on track to maximizing Synergy’s dual-linear Mega Match compensation plan.

Have you heard about the Synergy Vision Retreat? Your Elite Honors business practices will keep you on track toward your trip to Utah. Learn more about qualifying for the Vision Retreat here.

And don’t forget: The all-new Team Level Bonus is yours for the taking. Use Elite Honors guidelines to grow your business, then reap these new, extra rewards as it grows to the level of a Team Leader, Team Manager, Team Director and Team Elite! For more information about the Team Level Bonus, click here.



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